If I Would Lose My Voice Unplugged 24.-26.9.2020

 If I Would Lose My Voice had its premiere at the main stage of the Finnish National Theatre in 2020. In September, it will be performed as an unplugged version at K&C Space.

If I Would Lose My Voice

If I Would Lose My Voice is an unforgettable dance work that reflects on the impact of human beings on the changes in our planet. It provides a provoking vision of our world, and how the actions of humans is changing nature more than ever before.

The work was the first free-field dance work on the main stage of the National Theater. Due to the corona situation, only two performances were held at the National Theater. Now our audiences will have a chance to see this massive, unique work in an unplugged version.

Critic Maria Säkö wrote in her review in Helsingin Sanomat (17.8.2020) as follows:

“Whereas many dance pieces are busy with similar kind of questions, very few dare to be as truly and concretely political in such a committed way as Kekäläinen – and without falling into the trap of daily politics. And above all, in every new piece she dares to go further than before.

If I Would Lose My Voice needs to be looked at very carefully, because it doesn’t manifest any change in its movement vocabulary, but rather reveals facts of humanity in the era of Anthropocene, transcending the individual: the need for touch, the longing of connecting, sexuality, the need for meaning, the attempt to perceive facts by grasping them.”


24.9.2020 at 19:00
26.9.2020 at 19:00

Estimated duration: 90 min.
Tickets: 10 € at the door
Performance contains spoken English.
Photo: Uupi Tirronen

We take a max. 20 viewers due to interest rate restrictions and we prefer card payment as a means of payment instead of cash. If you want to confirm your place in the performance, please make a reservation at sanja@pragmahelsinki.fi. Please read our guidelines for COVID-19:
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