Shared Space and Things We Need

Photo: Pietari Purovaara



Each era has its own fateful question.

In our time this question arises from the climate crisis, mass extinction and the violence that characterizes our age.

Therefore we should expect from the performing arts new principles arising from this question. This work suggests sharing and hospitality as such.
The concept Open Score is a method and technique developed by director Sanna Kekäläinen, which opens up the withdrawn and enclosed form and meaning of a conventional performance. Open Score does not define the form of the work conclusively, but allows it to live and transform into different
situations, places and spaces and ways of thinking. This adaptation also strongly implies the content of the work; the aim is not to close the circle but to open it and thus create a wide existence, new forms and possibilities for the work.

In this work the shared space also extends to materials, their organocenic quality and taking care of them.

The ways of being and expression in the work ask what is sharing and what is hospitality and also what are sharing and hospitality in performing arts. Space and experience are shared in the same way as the world is shared and common.

Script, direction and coreography, space Sanna Kekäläinen

Performers and co-operation
Sanna Kekäläinen
Leila Kourkia
Lara Müller
Jaakko Kulomaa
Johanna Rantanen

Objects (excepts bags and tarpaulins) nabbteeri & Riikka Keränen

Sound design Jaakko Kulomaa

Light design Lauri Sirén

Premiere Wed 27th of September 2023, 19:00
Fri 29th of September, 19:00
Sat 30th of September 15:00

Tue 3rd of Oct at 19:00
Wed 4th of Oct at 19:00
Fri 6th of Oct at 19:00
Sat 7th of Oct at 15:00

Venue KokoTeatteri, Hämeentie 3, Helsinki

Production Kekäläinen & Company, KokoTeatteri

Tickets 29,50€
Pensioner 24,50€
Student or unemployed 19,00€


Photo: Janne Nabb