K&C Newsletter for April 2024



Kekäläinen & Company and Dance Theatre MD’s Co-Production A FRIEND FROM ETHIOPIA Premieres at the Hällä Stage in Tampere in August 2024.

A Friend from Ethiopia is a multidisciplinary musical theatre piece that juxtaposes the climate crisis and mass extinction with undocumented refugees.

“The work is extremely interesting and challenging because for the first time I am combining a large-scale script, live music, sound design, and my conceptual thinking about the significance of movement in the world during this unstable time.” – Sanna Kekäläinen

A touching new musical theatre piece with a visionary take on today’s shared reality, A FRIEND FROM ETHIOPIA juxtaposes refugees and undocumented migrants, with climate crisis and mass extinction. This interdisciplinary work revolves around the concept of the undocumented migrant and the notion that ”we are all Ethiopians”.

Combining various art forms and genres from contemporary dance to live art, music and literature, A Friend from Ethiopia is a fusion of Sanna Kekäläinen’s new-materialistic views, Jussi Tuurna’s approach to musical theatre and Kari Hukkila’s postdramatic playwriting.

“The alarming state of nature loss and mass extinction is comparable to the extremely harsh reality of the undocumented refugee. The subject of the piece could not be more timely.” – Sanna Kekäläinen

Performances: 29.8.-5.12. at the Tampere Hällä-näyttämö / Stage Hällä.

Duration: 90 min.

Photo: Harri Hinkka







Riikka Mustakallio has been appointed as the new Executive Director of Kekäläinen & Company.


Mustakallio began her producer’s career in London in 2012. She has worked as a cultural producer, and an art curator, as well as an international film production manager and producer. As a multi-artist, Mustakallio has created several immersive fairy tale installations for children, and is writing her first feature film.

“It’s wonderful to return to my roots in dance and performance art. Sanna and I have a great symbiosis and a shared vision for the future. My interest is in boundary-pushing multi-artistry and internationality, as well as multidisciplinary collaboration. Feel free to contact me with ease.” – Riikka Mustakallio

Mustakallio was awarded the Vantaa Cultural Prize in 2022.

Contact: K&C Executive Director, Riikka Mustakallio 0400 4711 82 (+Whatsapp) kc@kekalainencompany.net