Director Sanna Kekäläinen wants to share art with everyone

Pioneer of feminist art in Finland Sanna Kekäläinen juxtaposes climate crisis with body politics in her new work Shared Space And Things We Need. Climate crisis is of course a feminist issue and in the current global situation, art needs to take a stance. ’Art should be for everyone’, she states.

We as contemporary living beings have distanced ourselves from the nature and our own bodies. This work explores the Earth and environment through the bodily actions, sharing them, and learning from other species.

Shared Space And Things We Need is experienced together in a shared space as it name suggests. The work grows in interaction  with the space and it’s participants.

The participants will share the experience with the performers in shared space and form an equal relationship with them, moving away from the traditional hierarchy of theatre. Giving space for sharing and co-experiencing. 

Sanna Kekäläinen is a pioneer of Finnish contemporary dance and performance art. She has created over 70 works that have been acclaimed in Finland and internationally. Her works expand the definition of the meaning of dance and she explores widely philosophy, politics and feminism in her art. Kekäläinen combines unique physical movement to texts and conceptual thinking.

Shared Space And Things We Need in KokoTeatteri 27.9-7.10.2023

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Left Sanna Kekäläinen, by Eeva Murtolahti
Right Publicity shot, by Pietari Purovaara