K&C Executive Director is appointed

Riikka Mustakallio has been appointed as the new Executive Director of Kekäläinen & Company.

Mustakallio began her producer’s career in London in 2012. She has worked as a cultural producer, and an art curator, as well as an international film production manager and producer. As a multi-artist, Mustakallio has created several immersive fairy tale installations for children, and is writing her first feature film.

“It’s wonderful to return to my roots in dance and performance art. Sanna and I have a great symbiosis and a shared vision for the future. My interest is in boundary-pushing multi-artistry and internationality, as well as multidisciplinary collaboration. Feel free to contact me with ease.”
-Riikka Mustakallio

Mustakallio has her background as a dancer, performing artist, classical musician, and as a singer. She moved to the UK in 2001, and graduated as a Film Alumni at UAL LCC tutored by Director Ken McMullen.

From working through Indie Scene and as a TV and Commercial camera person, editor, and director, Mustakallio transitioned to live broadcasting and became a producer in 2012. She started her career as a visual artist in 2015.

Upon returning to Finland, Mustakallio began producing immersive fairy tale installations for children, established art societies, and restarted and run the Korjaamo Culture House exhibitions as an art curator in 2018 -thereafter Hippolyte Korjaamo.

In 2022, Mustakallio returned to international film production as a Production Manager at the Making Movies Film Production Company, working on the post-production and international distribution of Klaus Härö’s “My Sailor, My Love”. In 2023, her interest shifted to artificial intelligence, and she joined the Aalto Digital Creatives pre-incubator.

Having worked extensively in digital productions, Mustakallio began seeking tangible, creative, genuine, and palpable content in her life. She started as the Executive Director of K&C on April 16.

In her free time, Mustakallio works as a Documentary Film Producer and continues producing immersive fairy tale installations for children. She is interested in wild herbs, all sorts of magical stuff, and loves woolen socks.
“I have always been a kind of a ‘here’s an idea, let’s make it happen’ type of person. I am a very multidisciplinary creative professional, everything interests me and I see great possibilities everywhere.

At Sanna Kekäläinen & Company productions I fell in love with the authenticity, organicness, and their unmasked nature. In a world where everything is based on image (something I also stumble upon), it is almost rare to encounter an artist who is unabashedly themselves.

I believe that at K&C, I will find much to learn, both professionally and personally. Sanna and I clicked right away, and our ideas, visions, and future prospects are completely aligned.

I am very open to collaboration, and I invite anyone to reach out to me easily.”

-Riikka Mustakallio

0400 4711 82 (+Whatsapp) kc@kekalainencompany.net