K&C at Bodybuilding festival in Turku 13.5.2023

Kekäläinen & Company performs a work-in-progress -performance of an upcoming work at Bodybuilding festival in Turku.  “BREEDING – Work-in-progress” will be performed at Tehdas Teatteri on 13.5.2023.

Bodybuilding brings together artists working with body and bodily knowledge. The festival is produced by the Tehdas Teatteri and the Regional Dance Centre of Western Finland in cooperation with AB Dance Company and Turku Dansart.

This Work-in-progress performance is created through Sanna Kekäläinen’s   Open work concept and technique. Avoin teos – Open work opens up the closed format of an art work. The aim is not to define the form of the work once and for all, but allow it to change to different situations and thinking patterns, adapting to places and spaces. This adaptation also strongly refers to the content of the work; celebrating change as part of the performance situation creates a broad existence, new forms and meaningful possibilities.



Breeding - work-in-progress
Photo: nabbteeri