Shared Space – a philosophical dance piece for school-aged children 18.-21.10.2023


Shared Space is a philosophical dance piece for school-aged children and their parents, which looks for answers for the faithful question of our time.

Each era has its own fateful question. In our time this question arises from the climate crisis, mass extinction and the violence that characterizes our age.

Shared Space suggests sharing and hospitality as kind of an answer to this question. Shared materials, their organocenic quality and taking care of them. The space and experience are shared just as the world is shared between all.

The performance uses the object world of nabbteeri. Artist duo Janne Nabb and Maria Teeri make observations of multispecies cultures and aim to build communities in their art. Shared Space contains various materials and textures of nabbteeri together with dance art of Sanna Kekäläinen.

Shared Space is a performance for school-aged children, adapted from Kekäläinen & Company’s work Shared Spaces And Things We Need.
The work premiered in September 2023 and was well received by the audience and critics. Maria Säkö from Helsingin Sanomat described the work:
“The performance asks: what is hospitality and sharing? The accuracy and sensitivity of the gestures by the performers are in a league of their own, and they are contagious to the audience members as well. Just as if the dance work could return to the spectators’ bodies information about the necessity of nurturing relationships in a harsh, violent world living in the midst of species loss and climate catastrophe.”

Script, direction and coreography, space: Sanna Kekäläinen
Performers and co-operation: Sanna Kekäläinen, Leila Kourkia, Lara Müller
Objects (excepts bags and tarpaulins): nabbteeri & Riikka Keränen
Sound design: Jaakko Kulomaa
Light design: Lauri Sirén

18.10.2023 at 14
19.10.2023 at 18
20.10.2023 at 18
21.10.2023 at 14
Annantalo, Annankatu 30, Helsinki

Duration: approx 1 hr
Age recommendation: 7+
No spoken language is used.

Tickets 15 €