Soolon Tapahtuma 22.-23.5.2021

Soolon Tapahtuma

What does it feel like to be alone and looked at? Or to create a dance performance alone?

The idea of Soolon Tapahtuma – the Happening of Solo – stems from the need to share often lonely practice of solo work. Each performance evening contains three solo performances that communicate with one another.

Lin Da, Heli Keskikallio and Sanna Kekäläinen have worked together, sharing their working methods and practices of solo work. The form of the Solo Event has been agreed on before-hand and it is based on a set time and order. Thus, the solos communicate with one another and create a shared space, where a solo can create new, even collective meanings.

S-projekti is a working platform of choreographers Lin Da and Heli Keskikallio, founded in 2016. In the project, they have worked on their solo practices and researched the history and the present of solo dances.

Soolon Tapahtuma is the first collaboration between Sanna Kekäläinen and S-projekti.

Due to the COVID situation, Soolon Tapahtuma will be arranged by invitations on 22.-23.5.2021 at 18:00 at the K&C Space, Cable Factory.