Verso | photo: Heli Rekula | in the photo: Sanna Kekäläinen

VERSO – Two versions of transientness (2002)
Finnish sprout, plant, shoot
verso Italian (prep) toward(s)
verso French back page
version French translation (into mother tongue), presentation, story
verso Spanish line of poetry
vers- Latin (etymology Sanskrit) (subs) rotation, (verb) rotate

In her work Verso choreographer Sanna Kekäläinen tries to understand and to give form to perishableness and circulation transientness, which is present in every moment of our lives.
Verso is looking for interpretations, possibilities and humour to a tough matter: how to survive honourably and then vanish into thin air?

The idea of vanishing and circulation concretizes in the musical structure of Verso: It clashes Polish composer Henryk Gørecki’s work Miserere to Tricky’s urban trip hop sounds.
Verso consists of two parts: the first part is performed by a male dancer (Sampo Kivelä or Taisto Oksanen) and the second part is a solo by Sanna Kekäläinen.

Choreography and dance Sanna Kekäläinen
Dance Sanna Kekäläinen, Sampo Kivelä/Taisto Oksanen
Costume Designer Riitta Röpelinen
Lighting Designer Matti Jykylä

Premiere 10.4.2002 Sampo Kivelä
Second premiere 15.4.2002 Taisto Oksanen
Other performances: 12.4./14.4./22.4./23.4./24.4./29.4./5.5./6.5./8.5./9.5./12.5./14.5./15.5.
Performances in Turbiinisali at Kaapelitehdas (Cable Factory) in Helsinki

Visited TanzTranzit -festival in Kaliningrad, Russia April 2002

Verso | photo: Heli Rekula | in the photo: Sanna Kekäläinen