Job posting: K&C is looking for an executive director

Kekäläinen & Company (K&C) is an artistically unique dance and performance art operator in Finland. This dance theatre, founded in 1996, has done pioneering work in the field of independent performing arts and has earned a reputation for its uncompromising artistic quality, both in Finland and internationally. Plenty of time has always been given to artistic processes, and extensive thematic thinking has been a central and recognizable element in the work. The works of the artistic director, Sanna Kekäläinen, have expanded the concept of a dance work, combining philosophy, gender issues, writing and conceptual thinking from a feminist perspective with a strongly physical and unique movement language. K&C’s operations are financed by the Arts Promotion Centre Finland (Taike) and the City of Helsinki.

In the coming years, a multi-year art project will be implemented, a new kind of residency activity and partnerships will be carried out, and long-term international cooperation projects will be prepared.

K&C has its own studio space and an office/residence space at the Helsinki Cable Factory. The group does not have permanent staff; the artistic working groups are hired per project.

This job position of the executive director is new. The executive director nurtures and seeks out various partnerships, acts as the supervisor of working groups, and develops activities together with the artistic director. The executive director is responsible for K&C’s production, information, marketing, and social relations.

The job is part-time (approx. 80%, negotiable). The salary is proportional to the full-time monthly salary of €4.000. In the long term, the executive director has the opportunity to develop and shape both K&C’s operations and their own job description. The employment starts at the beginning of April 2024 or according to agreement.

The applicant is required to have initiative, cooperation and self-management skills, and fluent oral and written English. Knowledge of the Finnish language is not mandatory. The job cannot be done fully remotely. Knowledge of the art field is desirable.

Applications for the position of executive director are accepted until 30.1.2024. Send a free-form application and CV by e-mail to:

Inquiries about the content of the job:

Artistic director Sanna Kekäläinen
by phone 15.-19.1.2024 at 11:00-13:00
tel. 041 510 1151

The interviews will take place on 5.-9.2.2024.

More information: Outi Järvinen, p. 041 545 6255,