Kekäläinen & Company autumn 2020 performances

Autumn 2020 season includes three events at K&C Space:

If I Would Lose My Voice

If I Would Lose My Voice Unplugged at the Cable Factory 24.-26.9. 

Did you miss out on the 2020 premiere at the National Theatre? Don’t worry!  If I Would Lose My Voice Unplugged will be performed twice at K&C Space in September. 

If I Would Lose My Voice is an unforgettable dance work that reflects on the impact of human beings on the changes in our planet. It provides a provoking vision of our world, and how the actions of humans is changing nature more than ever before.

In recent years, there is a widespread perception that the Earth has entered a whole new geological era, the anthropocene, where man is influencing the Earth’s geology, ecosystems and climate in unprecedented ways. In her new work, Sanna Kekäläinen creates an imaginary reality on the stage, in which this new era is perceived and perceived by means of art.

24.9. at 19:00
26.9. at 19:00

Duration: 90 min.
Ticket: 10 € ovelta
Performance contains spoken English.
Photo: Uupi Tirronen

Keskustelu - Conversation

Four performances of Keskustelu – Conversation at K&C Space in October

The world lacks not opinions and powers, but a presence, a personal revealing exchange of thoughts and ears that listen.

Discussion – Conversation is an event where choreographer-dancer Sanna Kekäläinen and director Janne Saarakkala get to know each other in front of the audience by having a confidential and intimate discussion. They strive to practice the missing skills and follow the dialogue, the spontaneous flow of their consciousness. The topics of discussion are intimacy and love, as well as what else artists have in their hearts at that very moment and where the discussion leads them. Each conversation is a unique event that unravels and looks at personality, privacy, covering and hiding, and opening and revealing in a non-representative way.

20.10. at 19:00
21.10. at 19:00
26.10. at 19:00
27.10. at 19:00

Duration: 90 min
Tickets: 10 € at the door
Photo: Katja Tolonen


Solo event with S-project in December

S-project (Heli Keskikallio & Linda Martikainen) and Sanna Kekäläinen will launch a series of events based on a solo theme in three performance evenings at K&C Tila in December. Originally planned in connection with the solo-themed Keidas residency, the work and reflection on solo work will now begin, which will continue in 2021.

The summer 2020 Keidas Residence and its performances canceled due to the corona pandemic have been postponed to 2021.

5.12. at 19:00
7.12. at 19:00
9.12. at 19:00

Tickets: 10 € at the door


We take a max. 20 viewers due to interest rate restrictions and we prefer card payment as a means of payment instead of cash. If you want to confirm your place in the performance, please make a reservation at


Enjoy all performances!

Kekäläinen & Company offers one ticket for each autumn performance for € 25. You can buy a ticket when you arrive at the first show in September. For more information and reservations, contact

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